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Trump's reaction to the sexual harassment allegations has been that it's just "locker room talk." I don't agree that it's just "locker room talk." It is a peek into the larger problem of sexual assault and harassment in the US and around the world.

In the Georgia election, a proposed constitutional amendment is to get rid of the Judicial Qualifications Commission. Seems like a weird amendment until one finds out what is the reason for it. A judge was disciplined for his misconduct of sexual harassment. He wants to get rid of the group who investigated him.

Just a cursory research shows that sexual assault/harassment is prevalent in all parts of society: politics, business, colleges, schools, churches, doctors, military, prisons, etc. There is no area that is immune; it is not just locker room talk, but exists everywhere.

Johnnie Caldwell - Superior Court Judge
Disgraced former Ga. judge behind push to abolish judicial watchdog group

Bill Clinton - President
Bill Clinton sexual misconduct allegations

Mark Foley - US Representative
Mark Foley scandal

Anthony Weiner - Congressman
Anthony Weiner scandal

Bill Cosby - Comedian
Bill Cosby sexual assault allegations

Roger Ailes - Chairman and CEO of Fox News
Roger Ailes steps down as Fox News CEO

Jared Fogle - Subway spokesman
Jared Fogle Wikipedia

"one in four college women have experienced rape or attempted rape at some point in their lifetime"
Sexual Assault
"95% of Campus Rapes Go Unreported"

"In a given school year, 58 percent of 7th-12th graders experience sexual harassment"
By the numbers: Sexual violence in high school
"Eight in 10 students (81 percent) experience some form of sexual harassment during their school lives"
Hostile Hallways

Brock Turner case
Brock Turner

Catholic churches
Catholic Church sex abuse scandals around the world

Youth pastor facing molestation charges also charged in south Georgia

"3,100 doctors accused of sexual misconduct", but is most probably much higher.
AJC Investigation
Larry Nassar - USA Gymnastics doctor

"25% of military women have been sexually assaulted, and up to 80% have been sexually harassed"

"Between 9 and 20 percent of inmates had been sexually assaulted"

Mass sexual assaults
Mass sexual assaults

Celebrity rape survivors
Celebrity rape victims

It's On Us
List of anti-sexual assault organizations in the United States
Sexual assault

Posted: 2016-10-13 22:51:45

I had been playing with some settings on my Note 4, then Pandora would not work correctly. It would play a song, but then would just hang trying to load the next song. It would not connect with the Pandora app on my Honda Accord stereo either. Turned out that it was setting it to power saving mode that caused all the problems. Need to disable the power saving mode for Pandora to work.

Posted: 2016-09-30 09:32:46

Hymn Lyrics French App for Android is available for Alpha testing.

Hymn Lyrics Free - French

Posted: 2016-01-30 07:43:30

For several years, I've had periodontal disease. My dentist wanted me to go every three months to treat it. But, my insurance would only cover two visits a year, so I'd rarely go the recommended number of visits. I did everything the dental hygienist told me to do (brush and floss everyday), but my gums were still bleeding every time they checked it. I tried different mouth rinses, but they didn't help either.

Then, I think I've found what really works. My last visit to the dentist was six months ago. And today when I went, during the gum check, there was absolutely no bleeding. The hygienist said that the only time she's seen absolutely no bleeding was for smokers (No, I don't smoke). Even regular clients had some bleeding. So, she was curious what I had done during the past six months. I told her and she's going to start recommending that procedure to her patients.

One thing I started doing is using the DenTek Bristle Picks after every meal. The problem with gum disease is that food trapped in between teeth breeds bacteria. If you immediately get rid of food between the teeth, there's less chance of bacterial growth. I used to use a regular wooden toothpick, but it could not get out all the food particles. Even using the GUM softpicks could not get out all the food trapped between the teeth. Sure, I can use dental floss, but it's more socially acceptable to use a toothpick in public than dental floss in a restaurant or in your cubicle.

I've also stopped using dental floss. Instead, I use a waterpik flosser every night with just regular water. Then I use an interproximal brush and clean between my teeth with mouthwash. I also use an electic toothbrush instead of a regular toothbrush. Even though this sounds like a lot to do, it's actually easier than flossing.

If your gums are constantly bleeding and your dentist wants you to visit them every 3 months, give the above a try. With having absolutely no gum bleeding for me, I'm going to be ditching my dentist's advice and going with my own gum care treatment.

Posted: 2015-07-15 17:23:47

Image via Flickr Jason Parrish

In elementary school and middle school, I hated PE. I always dreaded it and would beg my parents to find a way to get me out of it. It just wasn't a comfortable environment for me. I much preferred quiet and calm activities, such as reading or watching TV. Physical activity and sports just didn't interest me.

When I got to high school, PE was no longer a daily requirement, which I thought was great. It didn't take long for me to slip into a fairly sedentary lifestyle. The only 'exercise' I got was from walking from class to class each day.

But a doctor's checkup changed all that. I found out from my doctor that was considered "overweight." She urged me and my parents to find a way for me to get more physical activity. So, my mom and I started walking every day after school and she started taking me swimming on the weekends. The results have been amazing. Not only has my physical health improved, it has also helped me better manage my Asperger's.

Here are some of the benefits I've seen from getting regular exercise.

Reduces repetitive motions. Often, people with Asperger's Syndrome get comfort from making repetitive motions, such as hand flapping or drumming. As this article from on Asperger's Syndrome and exercise notes, getting regular physical activity can help "rid the muscles of pent-up energy." I've definitely seen an improvement in my own life. For me, wringing my hands or clasping them together was a go-to motion for me, especially when I was feeling anxious. But since I began working physical activity into my daily life, I've noticed that I feel the need to clasp my hands less often.

Helps maintain a healthy weight. As I mentioned before, making time for physical activity hasn't always been a priority for me. And as a result, I put on an unhealthy amount of weight. Unfortunately, as this resource on the benefits of aquatic therapy for children with ASD notes, nearly 50 percent of children on the autism spectrum are overweight or at risk of becoming so. Of course, exercising regularly is a key component of living a healthy lifestyle. It has certainly helped me get into a healthy weight range.

Improves sleep. Sleep disruption is also common among children and teens with Asperger's and autism. In its article on sleep problems and Asperger's Syndrome, the Asperger/Autism Network explains that exercising at the right time can contribute to better sleep. However, it warns that exercising 2-4 hours before bed might leave you over-stimulated. So, in order to get the sleep benefits of exercise, be sure to schedule your workout for earlier in the day.

Makes socializing easier. Children and teens with Asperger's sometimes have trouble connecting with and relating to others. notes that playing a sport provides a child with AS or ASD an opportunity to socialize with their peers in a setting that doesn't require them to be as "social." For example, I love to swim, and doing so, gives me a chance to be around kids my age, but without me feeling like I have to constantly try to follow their conversations or try to come up with things to talk about on my own. It's a fun time for me to be around my peers and to make friends while also getting much-needed exercise.

Getting regular physical exercise is important for everyone. It has positive effects on long-term physical and mental health. But I want other teens with AS to know that it pays off in the short term, too. Since I began working out regularly, my overall wellbeing has improved substantially.

About the Author:

Kathleen Carter is a teen who has been living with Asperger's Syndrome for as long as she can remember. She strives to educate her peers and others about AS. Recently, she began focusing her efforts on writing proudly about how her experiences differ from other people her age. She is so grateful to have the opportunity to write for EducatorLabs.

Posted: 2015-06-19 08:43:48

Just got an Acer Nitro V 17 laptop. It's designed to be a gaming laptop, but it had all the specs I wanted for a laptop. Overall, it's a great deal for the price. However, there's only one major drawback. The touchpad is subpar. It has no buttons, so it's trying to mimic the Macbook touchpad. But there's no comparison between the two. The Nitro touchpad makes a clacking sound when you touch it. Sounds like something is loose. You can't really configure it either to change the location of the right click or how sensitive it is. Two finger scrolling is unreliable and jumps too much.

But, besides the touchpad, everything else is pretty good. Display is large and clear. 16 GB RAM with 128 MB SSD makes things load fast. Having a 1 TB drive gives plenty of room for storage. Blu-ray drive makes it stand out from the Mac book. The 4 speakers can really pump out sound. If the touchpad worked just like the Macbook, it'd be perfect.

Posted: 2015-01-09 05:08:07

The light in the light/fan combo unit in our bathroom stopped working a while ago. Before that, it would occasionally flicker, then eventually it just stopped working. The fan had always worked. Trying a good light bulb did not fix it, so it must've been the unit or the wiring. It would've cost around $70 to replace the entire unit, so tried to do some basic things to try to fix it first. Turned out, the tab at the bottom of the light bulb socket was not making a connection with the bulb. After turning off the breaker, I adjusted the socket tab a little bit with a paint can opener so it'd make a tighter connection with the bulb. For good measure, I sanded it a little bit to get rid of any corrosion. And the light then worked! Whew, didn't have to spend $70 for a brand new one.

Posted: 2015-01-02 11:31:19

- Worldwide economies weak (eg Europe, Russia, Japan)
- Fiscal stimulus money in US losing steam
- No room for more fiscal stimulus
- Near 0 percent for Fed fund rate. Rates plan on rising next year
- Anticipation of end of QE3 in Oct
- No room for more monetary stimulus
- Indexes have hit all time highs during summer
- Nasdaq stocks way overvalued (Apple has a market cap over half a trillion)
- Falling oil prices
- Global risks - ISIS, Ebola, Ukraine
- Historic lows on bond, note rates. Rising rates would adversely affect bond holders.
- Rising rates would increase debt obligations of debt-ridden countries (including the US)
- No major corrections in market since 2008 recession
- Secular bull market for past 5 years. It's due for a secular bear market.

Posted: 2014-10-14 06:15:57

Amazing Grace on Harmonica

Posted: 2014-08-11 11:18:02

It started to snow today around noon. At 12:30, they let us go from the office. I hit the road at 12:45. And it seemed like so did everyone else in Atlanta. It was gridlock everywhere. It took me over 3 hours to get home. But, I guess I was one of the lucky ones. Some took more than 9 hours to get home. Some didn't even try. Apparently, all the hotels are full also. On the way home, I picked up my kids from school. Even though they dismissed the kids at 1:45, there were still many there when I picked them up at 4. The buses were all running late and it was 7 by the time the last kids left the high school.

Deal declares ‘State of Emergency’ for Georgia
Ice and snow bring chaotic commutes to much of South
Atlanta Got 1 Inch Of Snow And Everyone's Freaking Out
Rare snow, ice shock the Deep South
Leon Causes Traffic Nightmare in Atlanta
Atlanta weather | Minute-by-minute updates on winter storm
Snowed out: State of emergency declared in Georgia
Winter storm causes wrecks, gridlock in the South

Posted: 2014-01-28 23:11:22

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