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Our family last Saturday went to the Wycliffe Missions at the Airport at the Covington Airport. It was basically a PR event aimed mostly at kids. They had face painting, story telling, balloons, videos, lots of candy, guessing games, some speakers, and cheap hamburgers and hot dogs. They also had a demonstration of the main airplane used by Wycliffe, the Helio Courier. It is an amazing plane. It can take-off in 3 airplane lengths and land in 2 airplane lengths. And it can fly as slow as 30 mph. They even did a demonstration of it hovering in the air! Our family got to ride in it (after a $48 donation). It was quite spacious inside (6 seats including the pilot) and comfortable. The entire event was well organized and planned out. Kudos also goes to the Civil Air Patrol volunteers to help direct traffic and guide people at the helicopter and airplane rides. Overall, it was an enjoyable time and a great event by Wycliffe.

Posted: 2002-06-10 14:50:04

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