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Why is the thought process single threaded? Though it can context switch, it cannot spawn multiple threads. Other brain functions already operate independantly of the thought process: breathing, heart beat, digestion, etc. Why can't multiple thought processes operate independently?

Think of the benefits (from your single threaded thinking):
- Talk to your wife and watch the ball game on TV simultaneously.
- Play chess much better (each thread can think about each possible move and subsequent moves).
- Drive, read the paper, talk on the cell phone, eat breakfast, and shave all at the same time (ok, people can already do this).
- Daydream and pay attention in class at the same time.
- Remember things much better (spawn a thread that just keeps repeating "Buy milk, bread, eggs. Buy milk, bread, eggs. " until you get to the store)

Here are some disadvantages:
- Possible loss of who's in charge ("No, I'm the master thought process" "No, I am!")
- Limited number of senses (All the thought processes will have to figure out how to share)
- How does a thought process decide which one should control the body? ("No, I am in control of the hands this time!")
- What if you lose control of spawning threads? (Could lead to spiraling toward infinite thought processes)
- Can be quite "loud" in the head with multiple thoughts going on.
- Possible loss of effectivity for threads as more threads are spawned (Brain only has a limited supply of blood).
- When you talk with someone who has multiple threads running, you don't know which thread you're talking to. ("Uh, I know you're listening. But how many other threads you got running in there?")
- How does it decide when to kill a thought process? (It'd be bad if the last thought process got killed)

Well, it seems like the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, so I'll stick with my single threaded thought processes (not that I have much of a choice).

Posted: 2002-06-13 16:12:23

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