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There's been a lively debate on abortion at RBJ. This has actually already been debated in a previous rev of RBJ, but that rev has not been put back up yet. So instead of going for the usual angle of arguing that a fetus is a human being, I decided to show through pictures of aborted babies and let the pictures speak for themselves. Well, apparently, they were too shocking for everybody, so all the images were deleted by another mod in the forum.

Is it just that people can't handle the truth and rather close their eyes to the atrocities being committed so that they can hold on to their "free choice"? Is it because I'm tearing down their beliefs and they can't argue against it? Is it because people would just rather want to believe that fetus' are simply pieces of tissue? And if pro-abortionists indeed believe they are simply pieces of tissue, why would they be offended?

But even if people close their eyes to the truth, the fact is that abortion is a gruesome death of an innocent baby. And all the words in the world cannot paint a clearer picture of that than a single picture can. And sometimes the plain truth is just too much for people to handle.

Posted: 2003-01-23 17:13:09

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