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Currently, the generally accepted cosmological model is that the observable matter (light matter - stars, planets, gas clouds, etc) comprise only 4% of the total content of the universe. About 25% is dark matter, an attractive force which is not directly observable nor detectable. The remaining 70% is a repulsive force known as dark energy that is also neither observable nor detectable.

So, why do cosmologists postulate the existence of dark matter and dark energy?

Assuming the age of galaxies to be in the billions of years, the shape of galaxies could not be what they are if the observable stars provided the only gravitational force. There has to be some additional gravitational force to hold the galaxies together. So, dark matter is postulated to provide the gravitational force.

Recently, it has been observed that objects move faster away from us if it is farther away from us. There is no known reason why this happens. So, to explain it, some mysterious force must be pushing things away. Dark energy is postulated to explain the phenomenon.

I find it very interesting that cosmologists readily make up mysterious forces that explain our observations. These forces, dark matter and dark energy, are purely hypothetical and have not been detected. But, to suggest that perhaps the universe is not that old, or even perhaps some mysterious force created everything would be deemed unscientific. But, what makes dark energy more scientific than a Creator? I think they both equally fall in the realm of faith. But, the case for a Creator is outright dismissed, while dark energy and dark matter are wholeheartedly embraced.

For me, believing in a God who created the universe requires less faith than believing in forces that comprise 96% of the entire universe with no evidence of their existence.

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Posted: 2004-09-28 17:55:00

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