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I knew Dubai was going to make the tallest skyscraper in the world. But, I didn't realize that they had so many construction projects going on. It's incredible how much they have done and are doing.

- Dubai Waterfront - Largest waterfront
- Burg Al Arab - Tallest hotel in the world
- Burj Dubai - Tallest tower in the world
- The Palm - Largest manmade islands
- The World - A collection of islands patterned after the world continents
- Dubai Mall - Largest shopping mall
- Dubailand - Huge entertainment destination
- First rotating skyscraper

Their goal is to be one of the top tourist sites in the world. And I think they'll easily achieve that.

In the US, I don't know of anyplace trying to do a single thing similar to any of these massive projects. And here is one single country doing all of these. Amazing.

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Posted: 2007-01-16 10:58:45

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