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Frenzied Financials Week 11

Current Events, Finance

World reserves fell since Aug
U.S. bails out Citi with $20 billion capital, guarantees
Existing home sales sink 3.1 pct in October from September, prices post annual 11 pct drop
Dow up 396 on Mon
Government plans new program to aid credit issuers
GDP shrank 0.5% in Q3
Dow up 36 on Tues
U.S. Plans $800 Billion in Credit Market Lending
October durable goods orders drop by 6.2 percent
China cut interest rate 108 bps
Dow up 247 on Wed
Terrorist attack in Mumbai, India
Whitehead sees slump worse than Depression
Dow up 102 on Fri

Posted: 2008-11-30 08:23:04

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