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Chinese protests over Covid lockdown
Global News July 8, 2022
Financial news July 1, 2022
Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade
Financial news June 18, 2022
Russia-Ukraine Crisis
Great Resignation
City of Atlanta boards and commissions
Jobs report miss by over 700,000 jobs
Atlanta Spa Shooting
Coronavirus update Dec 5
Coronavirus update Nov 8
Coronavirus update September 18
Coronavirus update September 12
Coronavirus update September 5
Coronavirus update August 29
Coronavirus update August 22
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Ahmaud Arbery
Coronavirus update May 8
Coronavirus update May 1
Coronavirus update April 24
Georgia Unemployment
Coronavirus update April 17
Coronavirus update April 10
Choosing between hell and hades
Coronavirus update April 3
Coronavirus update April 3
Coronavirus update March 27
Record 3.28 million filed for unemployment
Companies drawing down credit lines
Coronavirus update March 20
Coronavirus update March 13
Coronavirus Pandemic
Capital One Data Breach
Q Anon
From Petrodollar to Petroyuan
Deep State
Dow plunges 1,175 -- worst point decline in history
2018 Government shutdown
Bracing Yourself for a Possible Near-Term Melt-Up
General Electric
Sexual harassment allegations
Opioid epidemic
James Damore and Google Diversity
Venezuela Crisis
Sexual harassment/assault
Winter Storm slams Atlanta
Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda
Steve Jobs passes away
Norman Geisler and Mike Licona controversy
England riots
End of Space Shuttle Era
Atlanta CRCT Cheating Scandal
Georgia Immigration Bill
Osama bin Laden killed
Looming Federal Government shutdown
Obama, Biden, Libya, war and hypocrisy
Libyan Conflict
Japan Earthquake, Tsunami
Arab world contagion
Egypt uprising
QE2 ... $600 billion
Chinese airport shut down by UFO
Gulf Oil Spill
President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
Obama's taxing ironies
Frenzied Financials Week 16
Frenzied Financials Week 15
Frenzied Financials Week 14
Frenzied Financials Week 13
Frenzied Financials Week 12
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Frenzied Financial Week 6
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FED activity skyrocketing
Frenzied Financials Week 3
Frenzied Financials Week 2
Gas stations closed for second week
Why a $700B bailout should not be done
Frenzied Financials Week 1
Many local gas stations out of gas
Local bank goes under
Zimbabwe hyperinflation
Why stocks went up this week
So... what's next?
Will I be voting Republican or Democrat?
US Financial Crisis
Severe water drought in Atlanta and Southeast
UAW Strike Against GM
Northern Rock Bank Run
Crisis Counsel
Why I am shorting CFC
The Perfect Financial Storm of 2007
Shaky Markets Prompt Rumors of Who’s in Trouble
Liquidity Crunch and Injections
Market Meltdown? Armageddon?
Thoughts on the Virginia Tech massacre
Virginia Tech Massacre
Ted Haggard and lessons learned
Israel-Lebanon Crisis
Responding to The Da Vinci Code
Bodies Exhibition now in Atlanta
Sandy Springs is now a city!
Opening of the Georgia Aquarium
Gasoline panic in Atlanta
Katrina and New Orleans
Sandy Springs is now a city!
Steve Jobs commencement address at Stanford
Mark Felt and Deep Throat
Feds asked to halt Sandy Springs vote
Runaway Bride-To-Be
Asia Tsunami Disaster
Election 2004 Thoughts
2004 Presidential Election Forecast
Crisis in Sudan
New Orleans and Hurricane Ivan
Cosby's Controversial Comments
Iraq Prisoner Abuse Scandal
Taiwanese church member robbed and shot
Pledge of Allegiance Controversy
Taiwan election results
Chen Shui-bian assassination attempt
Madrid bombing
Martha Stewart Convicted of All Counts
Centennial Anniversary of the Airplane
Saddam Hussein Captured
Veteran's Day
Lunar Eclipse
Southern California Fire
Live California Election Results
Schwarzenegger in WSJ op-ed
Reed Slatkin
2003 Northeast Blackout Photos
2003 Sales Tax Holiday
Mercury to Transit the Sun
War in Iraq
Will you not be my Valentine's day?
Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster
2002 Year in Review
Sept 11 Remembrance
Code Orange Alert
2002 Drought
Southern Africa Famine
Memorial Day