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2010 Year in review
Set Forth Your Case Conference
Thoughts on my HTC Evo
Thoughts on visiting Lakewood church
Run-in with the law
Visited Crystal-Meth Cove Organic Church
On HOA board of directors
Oregon/Washington Trip
Left the church
2008 Year in Review
Job transition experience
Completed The Truth Project
Goodbye VeriSign, Hello unknown future
Taiwan trip
Snow in Atlanta
Virgin Islands Trip
Presenting a mini-series on Creationism at church
2007 Year in Review
Asheville Trip
Cousin's family robbed over the weekend
Trip to Washington DC
Jekyll Island Trip
My hard drive crashed
Men Step Up
Big Apple Circus
Free admission to High Museum of Art
2006 Year in Review
101 Things I'm Thankful For
Aquarium, Helen, Church Activities
Earthlink DSL down
Buying a washing machine
ATPC Retreat
Working from home
House for sale
Bought a new house
Houston Trip
Visited Bodies ... The Exhibition
Reparing my Sienna rear hatch handle
Transition, transition
Savannah Trip
Fall 2005 Pictures
Church drama and church shopping
Trip to Great Smoky Mountains
Drama at work
Tom and Gaelyn's Wedding
Memorial service for Ira Farinas
Neighborhood Block Party
Avram birthday, Zach dedication
Racquetball racquet and honesty
Breakfast with DJ
Easter Egg Hunt Pictures
Sandy Springs close to becoming a city
Fix the Maytag dryer part 2
Fixed my Maytag dryer
Hectic at work
Church, family, life
Year in review
It's a boy!
Things to bring to the hospital
Busy getting ready for the baby
Baby Names
ATPC Youth Retreat
My experience with the Mosquito Magnet
Taiwan Trip Thoughts
Taiwan Trip Photos
Weekend reading
Taiwanese American Heritage Week
NAS Atlanta Air Show 2004
Work for youth retreat
The Passion of the Christ
Bible Study Conference Call
Boy Choir Concert
2004 Georgia Men's Advance
Christmas Break
Thanksgiving Trip
Sarena's 5th Birthday
I got a Special 20
James Gosling at AJUG
I Voted Today
Google Code Jam Round 1
Made it past qualification round
Funny Moment at Church
Google Code Jam 2003
Cumming County Fair
All-nighter at work
Imagine It! - the Atlanta Children's Museum
Grand Teton / Yellowstone Pictures
Cleaning out the virus
House on fire!
Yellowstone Trip
Tick in Sarena's hair
Can't find an end-to-end port
Paintball Battle
Using port 8080
Comcast blocking incoming port 80
Setup my KVM
Got a new computer
Church Picnic and Waterskiing
Free Comcast for another 2 months
My First Attempt at Paintball
Comcast Problems Fixed
Merrill Gardens
Book Reading at Harmony Leland Elementary
Comcast stinks
Neighborhood Block Party
American Indian Powwow
Reward vs Bribery
First Family Camping Trip
Car Camping Checklist
Feeding the homeless at Safehouse
Disaster Supplies Kit
Christmas Trip to Texas
JFAR Widening Project
RBJ Debate Moderator
SimCity 2000
Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles
North Georgia State Fair
Stone Mountain Park
The Hobbit
Hilton Head
Kennesaw Mountain
Reading Around the World
Happy Birthday
Atlanta Zoo
Wycliffe MATA
Poison Ivy
Callaway Gardens
Personal Testimony