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I was originally looking for Donic ping pong table based on a recommendation from a friend. But, I could not find any American distributers. After some searching, I saw the Robbins Optima Indoor table. It's actually a table made by Kettler, but exclusively marketed by Robbins.

My biggest hesitation on buying it was that I could not find any reviews at all of the table. So, I'm putting this review up to have at least one review of the table on the web.

I was looking for a semi-professional table to be used at home for a reasonable price. I was also ideally looking for a German made table. And this table fit the bill. It is sturdy, foldable, and moveable. Table thickness is pretty good (7/8"). Leg heights are adjustable. Has strong wheels that lock. And it has some interesting features that I've never seen in any other table. It has a table alignment system that makes the two sides line up (Integra tracking). The net is adjustable in height and tension. And it has a paddle/ball storage. I got it for $810 and that included delivery. And for an extra $11, they threw in 4 paddles and some balls.

I ordered the table online and got an email confirmation that same day. After several days, I tried to go online to find out the status of my order, but could not login. Seems like they never created an online account for me. I emailed my receipt for a status and received a response saying that it has been shipped and gave me a tracking number. It was shipped by AM Home Delivery. And they have a decent package tracking system.

I got the table one week after I placed it. Pretty good turnaround for a 250 pound item. One nice touch was that they delivered it straight into my basement. It would've been impossible for me to move it downstairs by myself (or even with two people). The table came in one box and the paddles came in another small box.

It took me four hours to setup the table. There are a ton of pieces. Instructions are pretty good, except that there are a bunch of small pieces and it's hard to tell which piece goes where. To setup each half on the center legs, you'll need at least two people to do it. The hardest part of the setup was to get the main table legs to lock into the table. I found it's possible if one person uses a screwdriver to push in the locking tabs while another pushes down on the leg into the lock.

I've only played with it for a few minutes, but the play is pretty good. Table is very sturdy. And when one half is up for self-play, it locks into position. So there's no way it can fall down by itself.

Overall, great value for the price and I'd definitely recommend it. And I don't think it's possible to get another table with all these features for this price and have it delivered straight to your basement. Only drawback is the lengthy setup, but it's not too bad if you're patient.

Posted: 2011-10-27 22:03:01

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