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- Worldwide economies weak (eg Europe, Russia, Japan)
- Fiscal stimulus money in US losing steam
- No room for more fiscal stimulus
- Near 0 percent for Fed fund rate. Rates plan on rising next year
- Anticipation of end of QE3 in Oct
- No room for more monetary stimulus
- Indexes have hit all time highs during summer
- Nasdaq stocks way overvalued (Apple has a market cap over half a trillion)
- Falling oil prices
- Global risks - ISIS, Ebola, Ukraine
- Historic lows on bond, note rates. Rising rates would adversely affect bond holders.
- Rising rates would increase debt obligations of debt-ridden countries (including the US)
- No major corrections in market since 2008 recession
- Secular bull market for past 5 years. It's due for a secular bear market.

Posted: 2014-10-14 06:15:57

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