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The light in the light/fan combo unit in our bathroom stopped working a while ago. Before that, it would occasionally flicker, then eventually it just stopped working. The fan had always worked. Trying a good light bulb did not fix it, so it must've been the unit or the wiring. It would've cost around $70 to replace the entire unit, so tried to do some basic things to try to fix it first. Turned out, the tab at the bottom of the light bulb socket was not making a connection with the bulb. After turning off the breaker, I adjusted the socket tab a little bit with a paint can opener so it'd make a tighter connection with the bulb. For good measure, I sanded it a little bit to get rid of any corrosion. And the light then worked! Whew, didn't have to spend $70 for a brand new one.

Posted: 2015-01-02 11:31:19

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