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Just got an Acer Nitro V 17 laptop. It's designed to be a gaming laptop, but it had all the specs I wanted for a laptop. Overall, it's a great deal for the price. However, there's only one major drawback. The touchpad is subpar. It has no buttons, so it's trying to mimic the Macbook touchpad. But there's no comparison between the two. The Nitro touchpad makes a clacking sound when you touch it. Sounds like something is loose. You can't really configure it either to change the location of the right click or how sensitive it is. Two finger scrolling is unreliable and jumps too much.

But, besides the touchpad, everything else is pretty good. Display is large and clear. 16 GB RAM with 128 MB SSD makes things load fast. Having a 1 TB drive gives plenty of room for storage. Blu-ray drive makes it stand out from the Mac book. The 4 speakers can really pump out sound. If the touchpad worked just like the Macbook, it'd be perfect.

Posted: 2015-01-09 05:08:07

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