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Reading Around the World


Two weeks ago, I had been asked do a book reading for a program called "Reading Around the World". After meeting and talking with the coordinator, Tanya Hill, I agreed to do it. The program was two-fold: to encourage kids to read and to expose them to other cultures. Each week a person from a different culture would read a book about that culture. I was asked to read from the book, Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear, by Lensey Namioka. Tanya made a great choice with this book. It's a good story for kids to learn about the Chinese culture.

On Saturday, it was my turn to read. The book reading was held in the Galleria Mall at the Hidden Talent Books & Artwork bookstore. Our family arrived just before it was supposed to start at 10 AM. But everyone was late that morning so it didn't get started until 10:30. (The problem with being punctual is that there's nobody there to notice it) A total of five kids showed up. After Tanya introducing me, I read a short selection from the book. Afterwards, I shared a little bit about China and Taiwan. Then I showed them how to play Gomoku.

Some pictures from the book reading:

Our family at the bookstore

Me with Tanya

Reading for the kids

Kids attentively listening

Posted: 2002-06-23 21:31:04

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