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Freedom from tyranical rule. That's what the colonial Americans wanted. Freedom to pursue commerce, religion, and family life without interference from a dictator across the Atlantic ocean. They had put up with enough "abuses and usurpations" and listed 27 grievances against the British government. They had signed their own death warrants by instigating a war with the most powerful military in the world. Though the militia were vastly outnumbered and outexperienced by the British, the Americans managed to beat the British.

Though this is a time to remember and celebrate the freedom from British rule, there exists tyranny now even worse than in 1776. The tyrants now are not far away, but living in our own land. The revolutionists complained of not having representation, but now we willingly elect them. They complained before of a 2% tax, now we willingly accept 35% tax on all income and 6% tax on all sales.

Perhaps it's time for another declaration of independence.

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Posted: 2002-07-04 17:18:42

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