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There is a discussion going on at ChristDot on The Shroud of Turin.

To me, I believe that it's highly probable that it is authentic and the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ. And the most interesting part is that we now know what he actually looked like.

If it was a forgery, here is what Jack Kilmon has to say about the forger:

This forger was such an expert in 20th century biochemistry, medicine, forensic pathology and anatomy, botany, photography and 3-D computer analysis that he has foiled all the efforts of modern science. His unknown and historically unduplicated artistic technique surpasses all great historical artists, making the pale efforts of DaVinci, Michaelangelo, Raphael and Botticelli appear as infantile scribblings.

Links supporting authenticity:
Shroud of Turin - NASA JPL
Shroud 2000
The Shroud of Turin - Jack Kilmon

Neutral links:
Shroud Council

Links supporting forgery:
Skeptical Shroud of Turn

Posted: 2002-08-22 11:35:56

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