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Saturday, our family went to Stone Mountain Park for the first time ever since they opened Crossroads. They did a great job creating that new attraction. It looks like an old town during 1870. And there are plenty of things to see there.

Tickets were kinda steep, $19 per adult and $15 per child. But, we had a $3 off coupon, so it made it a little less painful. There's actually no need to even buy tickets to see a lot of it. But we wanted to see The Great Barn. It's a huge, four-level, noisy building full of foam balls shaped like vegetables. Though it's geared for kids, a lot of adults were having a good time too, perhaps too good of a time. Climbing the rope nets from one level to another is fun. Also, there are several tube slides from the top level to the bottom. And at the third floor are six air guns where you can shoot the foam balls.

Afterwards, we went to ride the the Scenic Railroad. Avram loves Choo-choo trains and this was the first time for him riding a real one. Though the ride was one hour long, he contentedly just sat there the whole time.

We then ate lunch at Miss Katie's Sideboard Restaurant. It a Southern restaurant, but it's not quite as innocent as it looks. First off, you have to wait 30-45 minutes to get in. But when you get in, there are a lot of empty tables. After we were seated, the table next to ours were starting to have some sort of commotion. As I looked over, their table was rising! It eventually got to be eye level! Then their server came over and asked if he could do anything for them. Afterwards, a woman in a southern costume asked them if they've seen her pet pig. And then she pointed to their pork chops and hoped they didn't eat her pet. After our food arrived, I asked about the rolls. The waiter said he'll be back. He then brought out a basket of "hand-thrown rolls". He stood about 12 feet from us and asked us to catch the rolls. He then threw more to other people around the room. All the food was also quite tasty. The mashed potatoes were very good. The waitor then came out with some servings of fried pickles, corn fritters, and yam french fries. I've never had fried pickles before, but it tastes just like what you'd expect. For dessert, the kids were given some free moon pies. While paying the bill, I left a 25% tip cause it was the most interesting lunch I've ever had.

Afterwards, we rode the Skylift. Though the lines were long, it went fairly quickly cause they jam a lot of people into the lifts. Also, the lift itself goes fast.

We had also wanted to ride the Riverboat to get our money's worth. But the kids by then were pooped, so we had to leave to go home for a nap.

Posted: 2002-09-02 14:47:24

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