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There's been a long and lively heated debate on RBJ on Does God exist? Just as I was about to post my closing arguments, the thread was closed! So, I'll post my closing arguments here. (One of the nice things of having a blog. :) )

Theist Closing Arguments for God's Existence

In this debate, I have presented arguments for God's existence without reference to any specific religion. I have also restricted use of any spiritual text as arguments for or against God. For the sake of this debate, I have proposed the definition of God as "a transcendent being above the universe".

I have presented arguments under three major classifications: teological, cosmological, and human behavior. Teological and cosmological arguments are classical arguments for the defense of God. Whereas human behavior arguments is something that I formulated myself. There are also many other arguments that I have chosen not to present (Ontological, Miracles, Experiential) in the debate.

In the teological arguments, I stated that there is design in this universe, so there must be a designer. And I also briefly presented a rapidly growing field of the Anthropic Cosmological Principle, which states that the entire universe was specifically designed for the existence of mankind.

In the cosmological arguments, I said that the universe must have been caused by something outside this universe.

In the human behavior arguments, I proposed questions as why do humans act the way they do: ease of grasping a concept of God, cursing, view of death, humor, turning to God in times of crisis, and desire for immortality. And there are many more that I have not brought up: morality, conscience, loyalty, love, and humility.

So, I have presented three major arguments for God's existence. Yet, interestingly, though there were many people defending agnosticism and atheism, no one could present ANY valid argument for God's non-existence. As one poster said, "I cannot disprove God God just like I cannot disprove that the earth sits on the back of an invisible, unmeasureable turtle." In other words, they have no logical reason for their position.

Even with my hands tied behing my back by not being able to use the Bible, I have presented several arguments for God's existence. Yet, the agnostics and atheists admit that they have no logical arguments to defend their position.

So, clearly, the reason that people do not believe in God is not because of any logical or rational process. It's more of an emotional or moral decision to reject God.

The most vocal of the agnostics in the debate has an interesting blog entry here about me.

Posted: 2002-09-05 11:19:50

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