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Pornography is one of those taboo subjects in the Christian world. Yet, it's one of the most insidious sins among Christians. It's an area of temptation for all men, yet, in general, Christians don't even talk about this issue. Let alone try to deal with this issue.

The problem is especially compounded with so many pornographic sites on the Internet. Even without intentionally going to a porn site, it's easy to accidentally stumble across one. And receiving porn spam emails is quite commonplace. Sometimes, they even have the graphics inside the email.

For me, to combat porn, I have a web filter, We-Blocker, installed. It makes browsing a little slower, but I can't afford to even accidentally hit graphic sites. Also, I only use email programs that allow me to delete a message without viewing it. Our church now is also in the process of setting up marriage accountability groups.

There are many places on-line for Christians to deal with the issue. One that I have participated in and found very good is Pure Freedom at Setting Captives Free.

Setting Captives Free
Pure Intimacy
Free In Christ

Posted: 2002-09-13 10:51:36

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