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This morning, I went to the Georgia DMVS to get a replacement driver's license. And, boy is it so frustrating to go there. First off, the hours there are terrible (Tues-Sat, 9:00-5:00 PM). So, basically you HAVE to get off from work in order to go there, unless you want to put up with the ridiculous lines on Saturday. When I got there, the end of the line was outside the door. And this line was just to get a number! One guy was really frustrated cause this was his second time in line. He had already gotten in line and then found out he didn't have enough cash for the fee and they would only accept cash. After waiting 45 minutes in line, I got to the counter. And I said I needed a replacement license. Then the woman said I needed to stand in another line. How was I suppossed to know this?! There weren't any signs saying this. I didn't even need to wait in the first line for 45 minutes! After another 45 minutes, I showed my passport and a form was filled out. Fortunately, I got no hassles there. However, I noticed a man behind me had gotten in the wrong line and was sent back to the first line. After waiting another 15 minutes, I got my picture taken. Then another 10 minutes to get the license.

The Georgia Driver's license system is so screwed up. They need better hours. Signs directing people what line to go into. And more people working there.

Posted: 2002-10-01 12:52:25

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