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Setting up my wireless network at home


Yesterday, I picked up a D-Link AirPlus Enhanced 2.4GHz Wireless Router (DI-614+) from BestBuy. It was originally selling for $149. But, it was a return, so it was marked down to $119. BestBuy also had a mail-in rebate for another $20 off.

The DI-614+ has a web-based configuration with 4 port ethernet connections. So after plugging it in, I hooked up my Dell Linux notebook up to it. I had no problems opening up my browser and hitting it. But, I could not get into the admin account without a password. Even after resetting it several times, I still couldn't get in. I tried calling the support line. But it said the number was disconnected. I was going to try their website, but, out of a whim, I tried port 4 instead of port 1. And then I could get in! Didn't make sense to me.

The DI-614 has a great web setup interface. It seems like you can do anything from it - setup firewall settings, wireless settings, logs, and even has a pretty good help system.

I had also picked up a Microsoft Broadband Networking Wireless USB Adapter for $60. I was trying to decide if I should get the PCMCIA WiFi instead. But, a USB version would be much more versatile. Also, it was also marked down cause it was a return item. I had no problems installing it on my Compaq Win98 desktop. And in short order, got it talking to the DI-614+.

Things to do next:
- Get a cheap ethernet card for Compaq desktop
- Setup USB WiFi on Win ME laptop
- See if can get USB Wifi to work with Linux laptop
- Get dial-up sharing to work
- Get PDA with WiFi capabilities
- Decide if to get DSL or Cable Broadband

Posted: 2002-10-08 08:55:21

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