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Facts on Fred McFeely Rogers:
- Born March 20, 1928 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania
- Died February 27, 2003 of stomach cancer
- Married to Sara Joanne Byrd, who is a concert pianist, for over 47 years
- BA degree in music composition
- Bachelor of Divinity from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
- Master's degree in child development
- Ordained Presbyterian minister
- Formed Family Communications, Inc
- In 1998, recieved the Emmy "Lifetime Achievement Award"
- In June 1999, received "Pennsylvania Founder's Award"
- In 2002, received the "Presidential Medal of Freedom" (nation's highest civilian honor)
- Held more than 35 honorary degrees (including Yale, BU, CMU)

Facts on "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood":
- Is PBS's longest-running program ever (33 years) with over 900 episodes
- Fred Rogers provided the voice for 11 puppets: Daniel Striped Tiger, King Friday XIII, Queen Sara, Edgar Cooke, Corney, X the Owl, Henrietta Pussycat, Lady Elaine Fairchilde, Grandpere and his granddaughter Collette, and Donkey Hodie

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