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On Friday, we went on our first family camping trip. We spent the day at Callaway Gardens. And fortunately, the azaleas were in pretty good bloom. Afterwards, we camped at FDR State Park. We found a nice campsite near a heated restroom, a playgound, and close to the outpost and the lake. We went camping with another couple in church who were professional campers (you know someone is a seasoned camper when they bring along a microwave oven). They treated us to a tasty dinner that night with steak, potatoes, grilled onions, candied apples, and homemade cookies. Afterwards, we sat by the fire and talked while the kids played with the light sticks I bought at the dollar store. It was a bit cold in the tent that night. And though we had a king sized air mattress, it didn't seem like it was big enough for all of us. Next time, I'll let Shiow-Lih and the kids sleep on the mattress while I'll sleep on a pad. The next morning, I cooked for everyone some blueberry whole wheat pancakes with maple syrup (I can't stand corn syrup). Afterwards, we packed up and came back home to attend a wedding reception on Saturday afternoon.

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Posted: 2003-04-14 00:50:35

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