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NetMeeting versus Messenger


If you go to the NetMeeting home page, there is no download for NM for WinXP. I found out that WinXP actually has NM built in, but it's not readily obvious. In the "Run" dialog, start up "conf" and it'll start NM. Microsoft is slowly abandoning NetMeeting in favor of Messenger, so they're discouraging it's use (The last version of NM (3.01) was released on June 19, 2000). Apparently one reason NM is being abandoned is that it was being abused by adult content. However, one nice feature of NM is that it doesn't require a directory server. Messenger requires users to log into Passport and all traffic is routed by a central server (Microsoft's servers). So in NM, for intranet collaboration, all traffic remains within the company.

NetMeeting in Windows XP
XP Messenger
NetMeeting (DevX)
Netmeeting (Mouthshut)

Posted: 2003-05-06 19:56:36

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