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William J Bennett, author of 11 morality books, including The Book of Virtues and The Moral Compass, has been exposed to have a serious gambling addiction. It's estimated he's lost over $8 million in the past decade on slot machines and video poker.

In regard to his gambling habit, Bennett says, "I've gambled all my life and it's never been a moral issue with me. I liked church bingo when I was growing up. I've been a poker player." "Nevertheless I have done too much gambling, and this is not an example I wish to set. Therefore my gambling days are over."

Though he might not gamble anymore, unfortunately, he's lost his good name. He won't be known anymore as an author of morality books, but as a hypocrite. It's quite ironic that all his books and speaking engagements on morality was used to fund a gambling addicton.

It also shows that there's quite a difference between knowing the right thing to do and doing the right thing. You might be surrounded by books on morality, write books on morality, and get paid big bucks to speak on morality, but it doesn't mean you'll live a moral life.

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Posted: 2003-05-07 22:29:12

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