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Highlights from the May 20, 2003 AJUG J2EE Guru presentation:

Guru's Toolbox:
• Ant
• JUnit
• Log4J
• Struts
• XDoclet
• Commons
• Tomcat
• JBoss
• Design Patterns

MVC Frameworks:
• Struts
• WebWork
• Cocoon
• Barracuda
• Kona
• Tapestry
• Velocity
• More (Wafer)

Parting thoughts:
• Learn from others, avoid costly mistakes
• While some new technical thingy seems cool, don’t “gold- plate” the project.
• Prefer leading edge to the bleeding edge
• Test the performance and maintainability of your software. Build time into the schedule for prototyping, testing and code reviews.
• Maintain a handle on your technology footprint
• Invest in your development environment e. g. plan CVS repositories, branching strategies,
IDEs, build scripts, developer application server instances etc. - this will pay significant dividends.
• Maintain hygiene in your production environment - don't use it as a test lab.
• Keep things like XML, Struts, JDBC, EJB, JDO, Servlets etc. at the far edges of your application - don't let them penetrate your business logic (tier- spillage).

Posted: 2003-05-22 21:23:04

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