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Wouldn’t it be Nice to be in a Foxhole Together So We Could Bring Our Dumb Fights, Petty Jealousies, and Energy-Zapping Crises to the Frontlines by Karen De Coster.

Reasons why women shouldn't be allowed in military combat:

- Protectorate. Males tend toward a natural defense of women that would disrupt the particulars of combat objectives. In a non-decadent, Western culture, any man should and will feel compelled to protect and defend a woman in distress. This is what men do. Thank God for testosterone.
- Sexual. The complicated issue of men and women mixing it up sexually always creates the possibility for emotional torment, mutual obsession, and perpetual grief – the kind of stuff that keeps soldiers from concentrating on the mission at hand. Sexual tension also creates uneasiness within any group setting.
- Emotional ties. The emotional and territorial issues – that are the result of sexual relationships – of men and women being guarded and jealous concerning who is sleeping with who, who belongs to who, who is "looking" at who, who is flirting with who, who is wearing what in front of who, etc. Think of the silly fights and jealousies that erupt between men and women over the silliest darn things; oh please, do we need that in a combat setting?
- Muscles. Physical strength differentials. Men are masculine and strong, women are not. (At least they aren’t supposed to be.)
- Emotional differentials. Women cry after running over a squirrel in the road. Most men won’t bat an eye, and may even enjoy it.
- Emotional intelligence. The emotional IQ of women is far higher and more developed. Men tend toward being more generally "clueless," and not thinking things through. Ever hear of the term "clueless man?" In any situation where quick thinking and rapid action is necessary, the various stopovers, lollygags, and deep treks that a woman’s brain makes in order to assess the various emotive outcomes can equal death, and not only for herself, but a whole crew of soldiers.
- Hygiene. Women have high-maintenance hygiene issues that must be attended to, and this extends beyond the monthly factor.
- Survival. Men can do without, and they won’t complain. Women are predisposed toward luxuries and being pandered to. Their tolerance for doing without life’s little essentials is way lower then that of men.

Posted: 2003-05-23 21:15:30

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