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Java Management eXtenstions:
- A universal, open technology for management and monitoring that can be deployed wherever management and monitoring are needed.
- A simple, light-weight, standard way to instrument Java objects.
- Provides application management for application servers, web applications, and stand alone apps.
- Exposes portions of JMS and EJB components to a management console.
- Allows monitoring of application servers.
- Allows runtime environment configuration.
- Management consoles can communicate with remote JMX agents and their MBeans through RMI, Jini, TCP/IP, or HTTP.
- JMX agents are containers that provide core management services which can be dynamically extended by adding JMX resources.
- A JMX Agent is composed of an MBean server, a set of MBeans representing managed resources, and at least one protocol adaptor or connector.
- A MBean server is a registry for MBeans in the agent.
- An MBean (managed bean) is an object that exposes a management interface to a management console.
- MBeans can both send and receive notifications.
- Objects outside a JMX agent can receive notifications.

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Posted: 2003-06-20 07:36:00

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