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Interesting. JBoss will be prepacked with the 10.3 release of OS X. This definitely gives more legitimacy to JBoss. But I don't see it really giving that great of a value in OS X. How many people actually use OS X in a server? And if I was using JBoss, I'd rather go with Linux, which is free, than OS X, which costs $499 for 10 clients. Now, if it came with free support for JBoss, then that might be of some value.

JBoss Server to be embedded in Mac OS X Panther (10.3) - TheServerSide
JBoss Group Announces Support Services for Mac OS X 'Panther' Server - JBoss
Apple Previews Mac OS X “Panther” Server - Apple

Posted: 2003-07-10 09:57:48

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