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Matthew 11:30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

One day when my father was over at my house, he volunteered to mow my grass. It was an offer I couldn't refuse, so I told him where the lawn mower was and how to start it. After about an hour, he came in and was all beat up from mowing the lawn. He said, "Why don't you get a lawn mower that is self-propelled?!" I replied, "You pushed the lawn mower and mowed the entire lawn?! It is self-propelled, it's a top of the line John Deere mower! All you had to do was pull the lever."

I was pretty impressed that my dad could push a heavy lawn mower all around my yard. Yet, in the Christian life, we often use our own strength and then are dead tired after awhile. What we need to do is not use our own might, but flip the lever of the Holy Spirit and allow Him to be the engine for our life. We're not called to live the Christian life in our own strength. We'd be exhausted in no time if we did. We're called to live in the power of the Holy Spirit and trust in His strength.

Posted: 2003-07-26 10:59:45

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