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On Saturday, our church had a picnic at Lake Lanier. One of the church members brought his boat and so our family got to go waterskiing (actually, I was the only who went waterskiing in our family). It was the third time I've ever done it and it was a blast. On the first try, I was fell right over when the boat kicked in. On the second try, I held on as the boat lurched forward and I was then on top of the water. I've done some snow skiing before, so I've had some experience with two long pieces of wood anchored to my feet. But the water is so much more violent than snow. And I soon crashed into the water as soon as I hit some waves from another boat. I gave it one more try and stayed up for a pretty long time until I was just too tired. And boy did I feel it the next morning. My shoulder, back, thigh, and calves were so sore I didn't feel like getting up. And I hope I can do it again soon.

Movie of me water skiing (2.5 M)

Posted: 2003-07-28 23:21:17

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