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Saturday, our family went to Imagine It!, the Atlanta Children's Museum. We drove down and parked at a $5 per day parking a block away. The ticket price to the museum was $11 person. They actually had half price that day starting at 3 PM, but we didn't want to wait another 4 hours.

When we first got in, I was a little bit disappointed how small it was. The only other children's museum I've been to is the Houston Children's Museum. And it was at least half the size of the one in Houston (and also over double the cost).

However, the exhibits they had were not too bad. When we walked in, the first exhibit to grab your attention was a crane to move some plastic balls which was popular with all the kids.

They had a whole bunch of contraptions to move balls around. However, it wasn't quite designed right in several places, so the balls were often stuck in pipes and on the tracks. On the other side was supposedly a food station to learn about food. But that exhibit was pretty lame and didn't really interest too many kids.

Some other interesting exhibits were playing with some sand, painting on the walls, and being in a music video.

Sarena's favorite at the museum was getting to put on a raincoat and playing with some water toys.

Though the museum only occupies one floor, there were still a lot of unused areas. So, it looked bare at several places. There is no food available inside except for some vending machines. However, you can bring in your own food and there's plenty of tables to eat at.

Overall, the museum is not worth the $11 per person. However, when you can get in for half price at $5.50, it would be worth it for the first visit. There are some exhibits that are interesting, but still needs a lot more exhibits in order for us to go back a second time.

Posted: 2003-09-23 11:43:46

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