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Schwarzenegger in WSJ op-ed

Current Events

One thing I really like about the Wall Street Journal is that they have great op-ed pieces. They almost always have interesting articles from heavy hitters. Today, there is a piece from Arnold Schwarzenegger titled, "My Economics". Actually, I was pretty impressed by the things he wrote. He actually seems to be quite knowledgeable on economics for an actor. There are four things that he would do for an economic stimulus:

1) Not raise taxes and possibly lower taxes
2) Put a limit on state budget growth
3) Reduce regulations on businesses, specifically overhaul workers compensation
4) Develop the school system

His ideas are good. However his solutions are long-term solutions, so with how short-term voters are, I wonder if it'll be enough to convince your average voter.

Posted: 2003-09-24 16:46:00

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