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During "second hour" at church, we have a time of announcements and open sharing. Yesterday, the leader, Brian, opened by reading some excerpts from "The Purpose Driven Life". He read that the Christian life is meant to be lived in fellowship with other believers and to be vulnerable to each other. The book also said that there's no such thing as "none of your business" in the Christian walk. So, Brian asked if anyone has been going through great difficulties recently and to raise their hand. Several hands went up. Then he asked if anybody has been going through a depression recently. The air was a bit tense, but several hands slowly went up. Then one of the elders, Tim, jumped in and asked, "How many of you have secret sins you want to confess?" The room broke out in laughter. Then I shot back, "It's none of your business!" and everyone erupted again.

Posted: 2003-10-20 07:04:27

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