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In Sept, Red Hat announced it would stop development of Red Hat Linux and only develop and support Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Yesterday, they announced that RHL 7 and 8 support will be discontinued by the end of 2003 and RHL 9 by the end of April 2004.

The RHL development will continue on as Fedora (definition). It will now follow the open source development model (like Debian), though Red Hat will own the Fedora brand.

Personally, I don't think this was a smart move. It will splinter users of Red Hat and cause some Red Hat users to defect to other Linux distros. The fuel that fed sales of RHEL was corporate geeks playing around with RHL. Unless they have tight interoperability between Fedora and RHEL, the fuel will be gone. I'm sure Red Hat was probably losing money on RHL, but it was the cake that allowed the icing, RHEL, to stand on.

We will see what happens. But, for now, I'm considering other distros.

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Posted: 2003-11-04 11:13:38

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