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The Atlanta Java Users Group had James Gosling for a Q&A session last night. About 500 Java geeks were there to pay homage to the creator of Java. It was the first time I've ever seen James Gosling. And I was impressed by the breadth of knowledge he had on Java. It's hard enough for anyone to keep track of all the developments in Java. He however did say one faux pau. One person asked what he did on a typical day and asked when was the last time he ran "javac". He answered 2 hours ago on the plane. He said he's involved with numerous projects and will be the CTO of the Tools division of Sun. But one thing he didn't like was all the meeting that he had to go to, such as the one tonight. Apparently it wasn't a joke cause nobody laughed. But, a god can say anything he wants and still be revered.

Posted: 2003-11-05 08:31:21

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