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I converted my blog from GreyMatter over to B2. Though GM is a fine product with a lot of nice features, it has one thing that is a nuisance - rebuilding. Since GM is a perl program with no database, there's no way around it. Though I only had 38 entries up to this point, it still look a relatively long time (more than 10 seconds) to rebuild everything everytime I made a template change. I couldn't imagine how long it'd take if I had hundreds of entries.

Since B2 is php/MySQL program, it doesn't require rebuilding. I also have more flexibility with the templates since it's php. Also, it supports the BloggerAPI.

I had relatively little problems with the converter program from GM to B2. Once I typed in the right directory names, it converted with no problems. I also had to delete my user that I had already added before the conversion since it checked for name conflicts.

So far, fairly pleased with B2.

Posted: 2002-05-29 14:19:54

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