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Anna Glanz suffers from ulcerative colitis and is trying a radical (or primitive, depending on how you look at it) treatment... drinking a cup of worm eggs so they can hatch in her intestines. Her doctor, Dr Joel Weinstock, says, "People have what I consider an irrational fear of worms. Nobody wants to go to the toilet and look into the toilet and see something wiggle". (I would say that's a rational fear.) One researcher, Alan Brown, researches the effects of worms on himself. After examining his own feces, he says, "Given the number of eggs there, there's about 300 hookworms in my guts." When asked how his wife feels about it, "My wife's horrified - she's totally convinced that one day I'm going to infect the whole family."

Myself, I'd pass on the worms... no, I'd rather not pass them. :wacko:

Eat worms - feel better - BBC

Posted: 2003-12-04 17:29:26

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