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For Christmas, my dad gave me his old iMac. It's actually the first Apple computer that I've ever owned. I feel like such a computer newbie with it too. I know absolutely nothing about Macs.

Today, I bought an AirPort card for it (and an adapter). The hardware installation was pretty simple. And coming from a PC background, I loved how simple it was to install it.

But the software installation was another matter. I was just expecting to just pop in the CD and it'd work fine. Wasn't a Mac supposed to be easy? For some reason, it wouldn't run the installation software from the CD. So, using an ethernet cable, I got onto the Apple website and downloaded the AirPort driver. But, it required OS 9.2. And I was running OS 9.0. But, to upgrade to OS 9.2, I had to upgrade to 9.1 first. But, after the OS upgrade, I was able to get the AirPort driver to install. After that, the AirPort picked up my wireless router with no problems and connected right away.

This looks like it'll be a neat toy to play around with. And it's generally been a good impression so far.

Posted: 2004-01-03 23:58:34

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