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About the only way I read other peoples' blogs is through RSS. I don't have time to click to someone else's blog. It'd rather have them pushed to me. I was using bloglet to get email updates of blogs, but it's service level is totally random. And right now it can't even read any RSS feeds.

I have my own custom feed reader that I've had, but it was kinda slow, so I stayed on with bloglet. Now that bloglet is completely unusable, I decided to refactor my feed reader to make it more usable.

Here are some improvements that I've made:
- Added categories
- Separated getting the feeds and displaying them. Now, I run a cron job every morning to get the feeds, parse them into HTML, and then save them to a disk cache. Then the displayer simply reads the cached files.

Posted: 2004-01-12 15:03:05

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