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Yes, I am a registered Republican. I stand for limited government, fiscal responsibility, free market over government intervention, and life for the innocent. Though in some ways, George W has upheld some of these ideals, he has grossly compromised on others. Though he says he decides from his conscience, in fact, he kowtows to politics. I applaud his faith and trying to wisely bring faith into government. And he has done it more than any other president I know of. But I need to put in my dissenting vote. He has increased governmental spending even 3 times faster than Clinton. Going into Iraq was a mistake. He should've just stopped at Afghanistan. He has said that the US should serve the world in humility, but instead pushes it's own agenda on others. Though I didn't vote for GWB 4 years ago, I was actually impressed with his initial start. He pushed through his compassionate conservatism agenda and handled the China spy plane crisis well. And I'm grateful for a little bit of a tax break. But, I'm looking for another candidate that matches more of my ideals.

Posted: 2004-01-27 10:33:32

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