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Monday, there was an article in the WSJ on Susie Scott Krabacher on the front page. In May 1983, she was the Playboy Playmate. Now she runs 3 orphanages and 6 schools in Haiti.

She is the founder and president of Mercy and Sharing Foundation. It has a $340,000 annual budget, with $110,000 from her husband, Joseph. And she gets no pay from the organization.

She had always considered herself a Christian, but she "completely committed herself to Christ" when she visited Haiti and saw the poor there. She describes herself as the "Playboy Playmate Mother Teresa of Haiti."

"That the glamorous wife of a wealthy man would willingly leave her pampered life to tend to sick and dying children under the worst possible conditions is amazing enough. What’s even more incredible is that she’s good at it."

"The roots of her devotion to Haiti’s neglected children can be found in what she describes as her own very rocky childhood. Growing up in Huntsville, Alabama, she was sexually abused by a male relative and temporarily placed in a foster home at age twelve. A few years later, the family moved to Salt Lake City, where Susie dropped out of school and began working full time as a computer programmer."

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Posted: 2004-03-02 06:48:08

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