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Amazing, there was only a 29,518 vote gap to give Chen Shui-bian the victory. He receieved 6,471,970 votes while Lien Chan received 6,442,452 votes. But there were 337,297 votes thrown out cause they were marked incorrectly. Voter turnout was the highest ever at 80.28%.

There were some allegations that Chen staged the assassination attempt to gain sympathy votes. But I can't imagine someone risking their life just to get more votes.

On the first ever referendum in Taiwan, 45.17% voted that Taiwan should boost its anti-missile defences if China refuses to withdraw 500 missiles arrayed against the island. 45.12% voted to re-open talks with China on peace. But, though neither passed, it does reveal that a lot of people are in support of independence.

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Posted: 2004-03-22 08:40:28

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