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Very insidious


I got this following email over the weekend...

From: "PayPal Service"
To: None@
Subject: Billing Update Requested.
Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 17:53:05 -0400

Dear PayPal User,

We regret to inform you but due to recent suspicious activity regarding your
account we are forced to ask you to verify your identity for security purposes.
In order to continue using your PayPal account normally and avoid any account
restrictions please provide us with your full information within 24 hours of
receiving this e-mail notification.

To submit your information please click on the link below:


Sean Wright
PayPal, Inc.

And when you go to the site, you get a page that looks exactly like a Paypal page. But, the domain is The site is done by someone who knows what they are doing. The only tip-off is the domain name. It asks for a whole bunch of information, including credit cards, bank accounts, social security, drivers license, mother's maiden name, etc. In other words, everything needed for a scam artist to rip you off of everything that you have and also to steal your identity.

Very insidious. I immediately forwarded the email to

Posted: 2004-05-17 10:05:34

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