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I always hate dealing with governmental workers. As they always say, those who can't get a real job end up working for the government. And I hate to sound doubly discriminatory, but it's black women that I specifically don't like to deal with. I just got a water bill for $105. I thought that seemed high so I called the City of Atlanta Water dept. After being on hold for 10 minutes, I got through. I said I wanted to find out about how my water bill was computed. And in a belittling tone, she said that the bill was adjusted for the actual meter reading since last October. All the bills since last October were estimated bills. The last time they read the meter was last October! From her tone, she seemed ready to fight me if I protested the bill. I didn't feel inclined to fight this battle, so I just say bye. Argh, the ineffeciencies and complete lack of customer service of the government. :mad:

Posted: 2004-05-21 15:22:35

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