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Just in the span of this past week, 3 Christians have blasted me for comments I've made about homosexuality. Basically, what I've said is that Christians should love homosexuals and reach out to them. All responded with a tone of anger and some even used profanity.

This has made me see more than ever that there is a huge spiritual force behind the homosexuality issue. I believe not only are these spiritual forces influencing non-Christians, it is influencing Christians as well.

I agree that homosexuality is a sin, but I believe Christians are trying to take the speck out of someone else's eyes. I can think of many more issues that are destructive to society than the homosexual issue. Divorce, pornography, substance abuse, domestic violence, and gluttony are a few things that come to mind. Are Christians in an outrage against these things? I don't think so. Yet there is a huge Christian outrage against homosexuality. Christians have a huge log in our eyes that we don't even seem to care about and yet are in an outrage about the speck in others.

Let's just take one issue - divorce. It is way more destructive to society than homosexuality. How many broken homes do you know of from a result of a divorce? How about a homosexual relationship? Even in the Malachi 2:16 it says, "'For I hate divorce!' says the Lord, the God of Israel". It doesn't say anywhere in the Bible that God says, "I hate homosexuality!". So, why the outrage against homosexuality and not against divorce? We have people who are divorced in clergy. Yet nobody bats an eye at it. Yet, if a homosexual is in the clergy, Christians are protesting out in the streets. I'm not saying that homosexuals should be in the clergy. But Christians here are having a double standard.

Well, if trend continues, I'll probably get blasted for this post too. I welcome comments, but please refrain from profanity. :o

Posted: 2004-05-27 09:38:27

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