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This past 3 day weekend, I read "The Prayer of Jabez" and also book one of "Left Behind". (Yes, I'm behind in reading these) Both of these books are good books. But, it's surprising though that they are such best sellers. They are both obviously targeted towards a Christian audience. And books that sell as much as these must've been bought by non-Christians too. So, I don't see what particularly attracts non-Christians to these books.

I thought the main point of "The Prayer of Jabez" was to pray that God would give you a greater ministry. It's not about being blessed with more wealth or possessions, though he doesn't rule it out. However, all of the illustrations I remember in the book were about increased ministry opportunities.

While reading "Left Behind", my mind was at odds with the pre-trib rapture pre-mill theology. I'm more of a agmillenialist (I can't prove what the millenialism is), though I lean towards amillenialism. But, I was thinking there is a trend of greater and greater evidence towards Christianity as we head towards the end times, and Christians simply disappearing would probably be the ultimate evidence. It's also interesting to see how Lahaye incorporated his experience with his other books and ministry (prophecy, marriage, temperaments) into this fictional book. OK, now only 11 more of these books to go. :-o

Posted: 2004-06-01 08:56:30

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