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I use Eclipse everyday for Java programming. But, after I discovered PHPEclipse, I'm going to use Eclipse for all my PHP programming too. The coolest thing about it is that is has a preview window. Everytime a PHP file is saved in Eclipse, it displays the result of that page. Sure, you can get the same effect by having a browser open, but this saves the time of going to the browser and then going to that page (or doing a reload).

Another reason I like Eclipse is that it is the best CVS client I've seen. It can tell me automatically which files have changed. It can handle multiple repositories concurrently (not even WinCVS can do that). It can add files automatically during a commit. And it actually does a fairly decent job of deleting files (something that is hard to do in CVS in general).

It's nice to have one single IDE to do all my Java and PHP programming. Now if it can only have code assist for PHP, I'd be really happy. :)

Posted: 2004-09-03 16:40:07

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