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We've been quite busy lately getting ready for the upcoming baby. The baby is due on Dec 1, so it's just around the corner. The main thing is getting the house ready. We already don't have much space in our house for stuff, so we've been trying to figure out where to put everything. And my mom will be staying at our place to help out, so we have to figure out her accomodations also. Actually, my expectations of preparing for a baby is little. Since this is our third, I no longer have the pampering mentality of having everything nice and ready for the child. But, a mother's expectations of how things should be is much demanding than a father's. So I try to be accommodating to the wishes of the mother.

I'm so used to just having two kids that it's still strange thinking that there'll be a third child around, even when I've had almost 8 months mentally preparing for the idea. And there are so many things that'll be a surprise. Will it be a girl or a boy? How will the child dynamics work with a third child? What will its personality be like? Will it be easier or harder with a third child?

Time does fly when you look back on things. It didn't seem too long ago that we just had Sarena. The other day, I was looking at the video of her first Christmas and it didn't seem that far away. But, I do remember the times where it seemed like time passed so slow that I thought it'd never pass (like getting pass the night time colicky stage and getting pass the diaper stage). I guess that's how things work, it seems so slow going through them, but it seems so fast when looking back on them.

Posted: 2004-11-16 22:33:21

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