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Facts on the electoral college system:

- There are 538 Electoral College voters, one per senator and representative from each state.
- The District of Columbia, which has no congressional representation, has three votes - the minimum.
- The largest electoral vote states: California(55), Texas(34), New York (31).
- The colleges of electors from each state meet on the same date (December 13 in 2004) in their respective state capitols.
- The candidate who has the most popular votes in a state also receives all of its electoral votes.
- Two states (Maine and Nebraska) can split their electoral votes. However, neither state has ever split its electoral vote.
- Apportionment of Electoral College voters is (indirectly) based on the Census.
- The Electoral College was established in 1787.
- If none of the candidates receives 270 or more electoral votes, the House of Representatives will pick the president.
- Twenty-six states and DC have a law stating electors must vote representing the popular vote. In 24 states, electors may vote for any candidate.

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Posted: 2004-10-28 09:19:45

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